Yearly Report

Yearly Report

Enclave Games in 2021, and plans for 2022

The past year was a solid one for Enclave Games. Not perfect, but definitely good - we've focused on Web Monetization the first half of 2021, while experimenting with Decentralization in the background the past twelve months.

Yearly Report

Enclave Games in 2020, and plans for 2021

Even though 2020 was overall a terrible year, we are really happy with how it turned out for us, given we received a grant from the Grant for the Web program to work on our projects.


History so far

This blog post is a summary of a few years worth of Enclave Games related blog posts published on my private blog, End3r's Corner. I didn't want to move them, as it would be too much work, and copying to have the same articles on both blogs would make no sense as well. So, I ended up with a post containing a bunch of links to the other blog.