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Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2023

Announcing winners, sending prizes, collecting shipping details - with no surprise at all, October still mostly revolved around the js13kGames 2023 competition.

Enclave Games - Monthly October 2023


Still nothing.


Not much beside three posts on the js13kGames Medium blog.


Ewa prepared a few banners for each category winners in the js13kGames competition, and two for the follow up blog posts.


We ultimately had to cancel the js13kGames 2023 Awards Ceremony this year as I wasn’t able to host it and we didn’t have any backup or replacement. I already made some arrangements for this to be different next year.

Enclave Games - Monthly October 2023: js13kGames 2023 winners

Winners of the js13kGames 2023 competition were announced anyway, and the digital prizes were emailed to them throughout the month. We also collected people’s addresses to ship them t-shirts (with swag) as soon as they are printed, which should happen in the next couple of days already.

The blog post about criteria rankings and expert top picks got delayed a bit, but was published before the end of the month. I also managed to write one about redistributing prizes right after.


I’ve completed the beta-tests of the Neuroshima Hex PC game, and the demo was released on Steam already.

Enclave Games - Monthly October 2023: Web3 Game Jam judges

I was also announced as one of the three judges (along Paul Gadi from OP Games and Andy Lee from Mugen Interactive) in the Web3 Game Jam co-organized by OP Games and Web3 Games Guild.

Plans for the next month

Traveling to San Francisco for the GitHub Universe conference thanks to being a GitHub Star.

Definitely Gamedev.js Survey, since it’s November already - If not, then I’ll miss a year.

Preparing the Gamedev.js Jam 2024 sponsorship PDF already and beginning to ask first potential partners.

Hopefully continuing to work on the preparations to js13kGames 2024, the thirteenth edition.