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Enclave Games Monthly Report: October 2022

October was full of js13kGames tasks with a bunch of unplanned distractions, but we’ve managed to release a new Halloween level in Flood Escape, so it wasn’t that bad eventually.

Enclave Games - Monthly October 2022

Another Monthly Report with a significant delay, but at least a bit smaller than the previous one, so we’re slowly getting somewhere.


We’ve quickly prepared and released a new Halloween level for Flood Escape almost three years after the previous addition.

Enclave Games - Flood Escape - Halloween screenshots

Not much, but it’s something!


The js13kGames Medium blog got a few posts:

I’ve also published two posts on my own blog: about Monster Wants Candy demo ending up in a master thesis and a short recap of the js13kGames 2022 Kick-off and Awards Ceremony online meetups I hosted.


Ewa completed the judging of the Web Monetization category entries in js13kGames 2022, created a bunch of banners, and also designed the Halloween level mentioned before.


I’ve led the js13kGames 2022 Awards Ceremony online meetup where we announced the winners of the competition.

Enclave Games - JS Awards 2022

I also attended the JS Poland conference in Warsaw thanks to the invitation from the organizer, Dariusz Kalbarczyk, where I also met Wojtek Połowniak among the attendees.


After the js13kGames 2022 winners were announced, we’ve collected shipping addresses and are going to print the t-shirts soon.

Enclave Games - js13kGames 2022 winners

The digital prizes were emailed just recently.

Plans for the next month

Catch up.