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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2021

December is usually slower than previous months, and even though we tried working as usual, our daughter decided to break a record for the number of sick days she can have in a month, staying most of December away from kindergarten, which obviously didn’t help with our productivity.

Enclave Games - Monthly December 2021: Aradian Party


Nope, nothing.


I finally published the long overdue post about Top entries from the Decentralized category in js13kGames 2021 on the competition’s Medium blog.


Ewa started planning the refresh of the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter’s website (and the template), so we can have all the issues available online and in a GitHub repo as a backup to the Mailchimp service.


I was interviewed by 4Everland, one of the js13kGames 2021 partners who joined the brand new Decentralized category in the competition this year.

Enclave Games - Monthly December 2021: 4Everland interview

The Web Gamedev Summit was finally announced (and will be happening online April 7-8th 2022), where I’m in a program committee. We do plan to have the first Gamedev.js Online meetup the day before the conference, which would be all about the Web Monetization API.


The js13kGames 2021 swag was shipped literally hours before the New Year (I haven’t even sent the emails to participants yet) - the printing house had some more delays. No, it’s a different one this time, and yes, the delays are happening every single year. I suppose it’s just our luck.

Enclave Games - Monthly December 2021: Badlucky from Triska joined Arcadians

The Arcadians NFT project closed its minting, and so the genesis collection consist of 3732 heroes - out of which 78 (~2%) have one of the nine versions of our cat Badlucky.

Plans for the next month

Prepare and announce the Gamedev.js Survey 2022, write down js13kGames’ new website requirements in a public GitHub repo, create the Triska+IPFS demo and tutorial, and kickstart the Web3 Gamedev School project.