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Join js13kGames 2020!

You probably already noticed, but js13kGames 2020 started August 13th - join fellow game developers trying to build HTML5 games within the 13 kilobyte zip size limit. Deadline: September 13th.

Enclave Games blog

I’m amazed by the fact that every single year something new is happening around js13kGames. This time Aurélio A. Heckert added WebRTC to the Server category, we’ve offered Magic Leap as a prize in the WebXR one, and Nintendo Switch in Web Monetization. The OS13k project was announced, Christer Kaitila did a video announcement of the theme, and is helping promote the compo, while Jupiter Hadley will cover (at least all monetized) entries on her YouTube channel.

Web Monetization category runs for a second year, but this time it is supported by the Grant for the Web program. We also had an online workshop hosted by Sascha Depold, and then a meetup. Steven K. Lambert updated Kontra.js, the go-to micro-library for js13kGames, to version 7.0 right before the start of the compo. And the list is not even complete yet.

I’m really happy and thankful to every single person helping with js13kGames over the years, it’s because of YOU this competition is still happening!