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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2021
[03 Oct 2021] Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2021

September was quite intense when it comes to js13kGames, especially the first half of the month. It wasn't only about the competition though: I've updated an app, attended two meetups, and submitted a lenghty CFP.

NSHex Counter gets Beasts
[29 Sep 2021] NSHex Counter gets Beasts

The NSHex Counter app that launched two years ago, which serves Neuroshima Hex board game fans with the ability to keep track of the tiles used by them and the opponent, got its second update with the newest army - Beasts.

Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2021
[06 Sep 2021] Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2021

Another month entirely focused on the js13kGames competition.

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Becoming a GitHub Star
[20 Oct 2021] Becoming a GitHub Star

I'm honored to be listed among the fine folks of the GitHub Stars program, which gathers shining individuals from the world’s largest open source community, though I still think I got mistaken for someone else.

W3C Games CG September 2021: GDevelop
[22 Sep 2021] W3C Games CG September 2021: GDevelop

After June's meetup about Godot, Coil, and Pixi we've gathered online for the September one to talk about GDevelop with Florian Rival and Clément Pasteau.

Schrödinger's js13k
[29 Aug 2021] Schrödinger's js13k

The js13kGames competition is my most successful project - I have so many ideas for it to grow in the next couple of years, yet I struggle to run it again and again on the current platform.


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